Notices are the way in which insight sends messages to parents and students. This is not about home study, it is other information, about parents evenings, or messages to particular groups of students or from subject areas.

Messages to individual parents will still be sent out using email, or (for more urgent notifications) by text message.

If you use the mobile app, and have enabled notifications, then you will get a message informing you of a new notice. You may also get an email about the notice if we have asked it to be sent.

If you login to the website, then the big blue box (see above) tells you how many unread notices you have. Click on it, and it will expand to show you all of your notices - both read and unread - so that you can find both read the new notices, and re-read older notices. If you have more than one child at the school, the box tells you about notices for the 'active' child. To swap children, click on their name in the top left and choose for which child you would like to see notices.

On the mobile app notices are still the big blue bar at the top, or can also be found using the orange button in the menu, both of which you can see here.