Where do I find reports? It used to be under Subjects

Reports are now found under “Reports” following feedback from parents, hopefully making them easier to find.

Why can I not see my child's report on my phone / tablet

Reports are currently unavailable on the mobile app. To access reports, log in to the full website and click on reports. Making these available on the app is something we are pursuing.

My login says my child has 10 achievements - but it won’t tell me what they are.

Achievements are how insight records our house points. One achievement is one time that house points have been awarded. This could be

  • 3 house points awarded for a lesson
  • 15 house points awarded for improving attendance
  • 25 house points for continued 100% attendance

Each of these would record as 1 achievement in insight.

Why can’t I remove old home study tasks?

Home study assignments remain on insight as an archive of all tasks set.

Students can, through their accounts, tick off that they are done, but they still remain on the account, and will still flag as overdue, even though they may have been completed.

How can I make Home study easier to manage?

From the assignments page you can filter by two different criteria. To do this click on the orange assignments bar, and then on ‘more’ at the bottom.

You can then filter either by subject, or by status using the relevant buttons.

How do I update personal information such as addresses, or mobile numbers or email addresses?

This can be done through the parents account - students do not have access to this!

Go to the General menu, and then choose Personal Information. There is sometimes a short delay (overnight) between changes being made here, and them then appearing on the site.